About Us

A Natural Approach to Design

It’s hard to say what came first, my love of nature, photography or sewing. My eye for photography has always involved the infinite patterns and colours to be found in nature. There is a feeling of peace that settles over me as I photograph nature from my kayak or while on a quiet walk in the woods. Back in the studio I am always surprised by the colour combinations and textures that I found.  I’ve been sewing since I was a child and have always loved the feel of silk and the way it was able to reflect light and colour.

Both skills have evolved over the years and in 2013 I combined them when I discovered digitally printed textiles. Now I make collections of personal art wear and home décor accessories with my photos that reflect the colours and textures of each original photo's location.  I want to create a connection to the spirit of these places by capturing the natural colours of sunlit reflections of trees, sky and water in all my designs.   To give nature her due, I am committed to donating 10% of net profits to Nature Conservancy Canada.  I am also open to creating special pieces to raise funds for community conservation projects.  

My products are lovingly made from natural fibres and digitally printed to eliminate waste a be kind to our planet. 

Thanks for stopping by,

Nancy Ellen