Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

Nancy Sendell

All of our designs start with photographs of nature taken in and around south central Ontario. Each design captures the unique colours and textures of the small wild places throughout the region.  I am always amazed at the variety of colour combinations.  At a large scale the designs make for beautiful women's accessories and the same image at a smaller scale make intricate patterns for men's accessories.  Nature does not discriminate.

Inspiration for my Designs

Nancy Sendell

I recently found this video that I made when I was out kayaking last year that kind of explains how I see the world.   With a background of the lake bottom, reflections of sky, forest and sunlight dance across the surface

Welcome to Water Wood Silk Designs

Nancy Sendell

            Welcome and thank you for visiting Water Wood Silk    My art and art-wear captures the unique colour combinations and patterns that are found in and around south-central Ontario.  Water, wood, rock, sky and landscapes provide an endless source of inspiration for creating patterns and developing my prints.  I am conscious that without these precious resources I wouldn't have a subject to photograph.    I use only natural fabrics and a printing process that is leading-edge in sustainability.  The concept for Water Wood Silk Designs came from pondering the question, how can I create a business...